Interview with the editor of "Lietuviška Muzika" - online Lithuanian talent showcase
I often criticise people for promoting themselves badly, not supporting each other. So I was especially happy to find a useful facebook page called "Lietuviška Muzika" (Lithuanian Music).
This guy called Tadas seems to be permanently filtering Soundcloud and posting every Lithuanian tune he can find that interests him. This has turned into a kind of online radio station for upcoming or overlooked bedroom producers, and although you aren't going to like everything he finds, the wide variety means you can definitely find an amazing track if you wait a couple of days. This is making my job at Stableface a lot easier, so I wanted to find out more about the man behind the mask. Here's an email interview, and I recommend you go over to Facebook, like his page and check out a few random tunes while you read.

Who are you? From where?

I am Tadas from Kaunas :) I started this project Lietuviška Muzika and my friends are also working behind the scenes.

What are you studying or what did you study?

I studied and I am studying IT, doing my MA.

Are you a musician? Do you have your own music?

To tell the truth I never had anything to do with music. In school I remember playing some kind of tune on a flute, that's all.

What kind of project is "Lietuviška Muzika?"

At the moment it is simply a place to find interesting music, and it's all "Lithuanian". I am surprised every day how many good tracks I find, like, where do they all come from?! Why don't we have ten radio stations playing Lithuanian music? I just want to show maximum respect for the people making this amazing music, sometimes they don't even make it for an audience, sometimes not even for themselves, but they make music because they don't know how to stop!

How do you define "Lithuanian" music?

I don't want to restrict myself too much, so I say "music which has touched the hands of someone who is connected with Lithuania" :)

Why is Lietuviška Muzika important?

The more people who listen to Lithuanian artists, the more artists can create and perform music, there will be more events and it will be more fun. Apart from that, I am trying to develop musical tastes, I think that's needed in Lithuania.

What do musicians lack in Lithuania?

I know that talent and motivation are not a problem, but there is not much attention from the Lithuanian media. Instead of developing new audiences, they promote bullshit (either Lithuanian or imported) and they say it's what the people want. There is no sensible policy for musicians, for example they think they will support artists by taxing memory cards? Maybe it will help "69 Danguje" [editor's note: "69 in Heaven" are yet another hypercommerical eurotrash act who are as bad as their name suggests]. One way or another, I can see that a new generation is coming, so I'm not so worried about the rest.

What do you think about the emigration of so many musicians from Lithuania?

It's sad, because there weren't so many creative people around in the first place. Some of them will come back, but some will be gone forever. I don't think it's all bad, because seeing other cultures and ways of life makes you more interesting and open to innovation. On the other hand, once you made your base in another country, it's difficult to come back and share what you found in Lithuania. It's great that we have the internet to keep us in touch with each other. I still live in Kaunas [Lithuania's second city] so we suffered a double emigration, partly to foreign countries and partly to the capital city. But as one goes, a new one is discovered, and I have more and more work to do every day. It is important not to restrict people, they will go where it is best for them to go.

What's next for your project?

I really don't know, we have some ideas but we haven't chosen yet. For now we will stay on Facebook, but we are looking for a way of easily categorising and archiving our discoveries, ways of increasing the number of listeners, promotional stunts etc. I want to make a more useful resource, so I don't know if it's possible to stay on Facebook, we will probably have to spend a lot of time making a separate site. There are so many projects, it's difficult to stand out. We just got started and we are open to suggestions and criticism.

Final word:

I am just enjoying the fact that for 4 months I have been listening only to Lithuanian music, and there was never a day when I couldn't find something new.

Credit: The current profile picture for Lietuviška Muzika and icon for this article is a painting by Lithuanian artist Virginijus Kasinskas