Launch Press Release
The official press release for STABLEFACE.COM. Launch date: Friday October 8th, 2010
Mark Splinter has been living in New Europe since day one, leaving the UK in 2004 to go and fall in love with Lithuania. Many awesome things happened to him since he flew over the Berlin Wall, including an escape from the Belarussian transport police... but the most awesome thing about the former Soviet Union is the music.
If you take a country obsessed with Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, political punks, opera and ballet, and allow a new generation to grow up with PCs and hacked copies of Cubase, flooding them with the world's music after decades of isolation, you're going to get some interesting results.
In Lithuania, among other things, Mark was responsible for pushing the first drum and bass and dubstep tracks to be played on the radio, pioneering high quality sound systems in parties, beatboxing on a train, and managing a nightclub that Mary Anne Hobbs called "fantastic". Stableface is named after a track by Eleven Tigers, one of the first Lithuanian artists she played on her show. The Stableface logo is a silhouette of the Vilnius TV Tower, a historic symbol of independence and freedom, and one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
In 2006 Mark received an award for his cultural work, presented by Prince Philip during the royal visit to the Baltics. Now in 2010, after six years discovering, advising and promoting young talent in Lithuania, importing and exporting great music and hooking up artists all over Europe, Mark has finally started a central website to push his favourite discoveries to as many people as possible worldwide.
Somewhere between a blog, a label and alcoholics anonymous, STABLEFACE.COM will bring you the freshest raw talent and most promising up 'n' comers Mark can find on his travels through the streets of Vilnius and around the internet. Promo releases and compilations will keep you up-to-date with the latest sounds, filtered for high quality and featuring only hard-working and uniquely exciting musicians. This is a portal to the future of eastern beats and culture, and a shiny shop window for the undiscovered underground. As they say in Lithuania: "Eik tu nachui kaip faina!".
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