Just what is it that you want to do?
Here's details of what you can expect on Stableface, starting today.
Stableface has one aim: Promoting new music from New Europe.
I believe we can't do anything globally unless we start locally. After years of following western trends, let's fight back and start showing them how it's done, mixing our own flavours and exporting more than we import.
To achieve this aim, Stableface will supply:
  • Profiles of my favourite artists and organisers
  • Promo releases from the most talented upcomers
  • Links to talented discoveries around the internet
  • Comment and analysis of the music industry
  • Interviews with role models and pioneers
  • Promotion to labels and industry professionals worldwide
  • Assistance to any aspiring eastern producer who asks for it
Write to me for help, send me your spam, follow Stableface on Soundcloud and Facebook, get involved and shape the industry. The more active you are, the more help you get.