Stableface is a record label started by Mark Splinter, a Londoner who emigrated to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Mark has been promoting events in Lithuania for 6 years, importing stars from the UK and campaigning for higher quality sound systems in his new hometown. Mark was also the manager of the nightclub "Gravity" which Mary Anne Hobbs called "fantastic" on air. So now it's time to export the results of this hard work back to the West.
A big reason for relocating to Vilnius was the huge amount of undiscovered musical talent here and around New Europe, talent which Stableface will promote and encourage.
The label is called Stableface in honour of a classic tune by Eleven Tigers, one of Mark's first discoveries and favourite musical friends. Eleven Tigers has gone on to release his awesome debut album on Soul Motive, supported by Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 in the UK.
The Stableface logo is taken from the silhouette of Vilnius TV Tower, symbol of freedom and one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
Everything here is full of potential, so support the artists and get in touch if you want to take things further.
Big ups and much love,
Mark Splinter
Vilnius, Lithuania.
Mark Splinter
Mark Splinter