Spotless starts a new label "Horizontal Madness"
Lithuanian drumnbass producer Spotless has jumped on board the netlabel train and he's putting out a whole album.
In his home country, Spotless started out as "Kondencuotas Pienas" before some of his foreign friends told him that his name would probably not work in an english-speaking market.
Thankfully he now releases under the name "Spotless" which perfectly describes his clean and precise production style. Having already released singles on the legendary Paradox's Outsider label and Vilnius imprint Ambra, he has decided to release his album himself.
Called "From Gazing to Motion", this stuff reminds me of the kind of drumnbass that first got me involved in drumnbass back in '95. Sometimes dark and atmospheric, sometimes light and playful, sometimes just rolling out the funky beats, this is one for the music heads not the pill heads.

"From Gazing to Motion" by Spotless