Ritmo Kovos 2: Lithuanian beats scene compilation
So Vaiper continues his groundbreaking "Ritmo Kovos" (Beat Battle) project, finding and promoting the best beatsyhiphoppywonkstep stuff he can find in Lithuania. And it's awesome.
Mr. Vaiper of Vilnius, Lithuania, works too damn hard. As well as a weekly radio show on Zip FM showcasing a huge range of new funk, hiphop and electronic styles, as well as releasing an enormous album Odiseja 49 with his crew Despotin' Fam, as well as playing live with his band Renegades of Bump, he somehow managed to release two huge compilations of the finest beats in the country, showing that LIthuania's population of 3,000,000 retarded politicians and drunken pensioners also has a disproportionately high number of young beatmakers.
Did I mention that Vaiper's crew also organised three live beat battles, putting these producers head to head in front of a screaming audience, producing three champions Nightjar, 96wrld (he beat me in the final!) and Brolis?
So here's the music, two compilations proving that Lithuania is not such a small country, it's BIG and it's HEAVY.
Final big ups go to Asta Ostrovskaja for the artwork, you should probably give her some money and get her to sort you out.

And now, some classic Ritmo Kovos youtube action:

Nightjar wins the first championship with a chillout beat from his Nebbia project:

The Legendary Official Dance of Ritmo Kovos, choreography by Povilas Leimonas:

96wrld in the final of the second battle:

Last word

Check out my track King Solomon on Ritmo Kovos 2, which was partly inspired by retarded Lithuanian celebrity Algis Ramanauskas and his ridiculous bountyhunting idea to catch a vandal called Solomon. I opposed him, he called me a leftist, and he also compared me to a Nazi collaborator. Well, yeah, that's retarded. This one's for you, Algis!