Why music festivals are important
Satta Outside 2012 Metaflashback. Basically it was awesome.
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Bla bla bla, I had a great time, I loved Marriage Proposal and Dark Sky the most, I loved showing you Bjelleprojekt and seeing lighters in the air, I was happy that Napo won the beatmaking tournament, I got mashed up with Metaphi and Lkewis and the Kukuruku DJs, Nightjar is always pure awesome, and I even got 10 free beers. Sorted.

That's my flashback. Now the metaflashback:

First of all, let's understand what a music festival is. In a country like Lithuania, where nobody can afford to invite foreign superstars every week to play in superclubs in the cities, a music festival is the only way to bring fresh influences onto the scene and to give local musicians a taste of what it's like to play to a large crowd.
A festival is not a concert. In a concert, everybody pays for the same headliner, and everybody knows all the songs. Nobody wants to be surprised in a concert. Everybody wants the band to play their first album. A festival should be the opposite of a concert. The best thing in a festival should be the artist you never heard of before who somehow gave you the best hour of your life and completely changed the way your brain thinks about music.
A festival is a conference, both a business conference and an academic conference. It is a rare time when the artists and organisers all get together and share ideas with each other, and learn lessons from foreign guests, and make contacts which help them advance their careers. The reason there is so much good music in Lithuania is festivals like Satta constantly making connections with the outside world and persuading people to come here and party with us. This is why there are so many awesome young producers in Lithuania - they were given the inspiration and the opportunity.
This inspiration and opportunity does not come from the internet. Watching youtube videos and uploading to bandcamp is not going to teach you how to be a musician. You can invent any technology you want, but in thousands of years of human history nobody has improved on the system of jumping around in the forest while listening to people banging big drums. If you can't jump around, you're gonna have a bad time. If you listen to drums on laptop speakers, you're gonna have a bad time.
A proper music festival is much more than a big party with tents.
A proper music festival is beneficial to the cultural development of the country.
A proper music festival has good points and bad points.
A proper music festival takes risks and sometimes fails.
A proper music festival shows the talents of a wide variety of musicians.
A proper music festival makes you think as well as drink.
Satta Outside is a proper music festival.

Love from Mark Splinter