Fair & Square - "Dawn" promo video is awesome
There aren't many times I can blog about an awesome lo-fi Lithuanian music video. Today is one of those days.
Music videos take a lot of work, and very few get made for underground releases, but with cheap modern equipment we should see more and more coming through. However, owning a camera doesn't help you to have ideas, and too many Lithuanian videos have been all about smooth production without any personality.
Today, history was made, the first time a music video has really made me proud of my adopted homeland's creative powers. Get a face full of this:
Both the tune and the video rise well above the steaming piles of "DOWNLOAD NOW" crap available on the internet, revealing an artist who actually has some balls when it comes to executing his ideas. Even if you don't like electro house, the tune is awesome, and even if you don't like slowmotion dSLR videos any more, this one's different, trust me.
Director: Titas Sudzius
Soundcloud: Fair & Square