Send me tunes for the first Stableface DJ set
I just got booked to play a special Stableface set in Vilnius. So send me your tunes NOW!
Calling all New European producers, send me your tunes for the first Stableface DJ set, November 6th.
I will be playing the second room in a party in Vilnius, more of an eclectic lounge style, so send me your tunes in any tempo, any style, mastered or not, finished or not, I don't care. What I am interested in is the newest, freshest beats, vibes and inspirations from the best side of the Berlin Wall.
If I get enough good stuff I will make a compilation mix, to promote here on Stableface after the party. So export that unfinished project you have waiting around, and send it to me.
The best way to send to me is to upload an mp3 (320kbps) to and send the link to me by email:
More details about the party soon...